RIA Cyber Risk Management

as a Service

Measure your cybersecurity program the same way you measure everything else you do, in dollars.

Cybersecurity Compliance vs. Financial Risk

RIAs must meet rigorous compliance requirements established by regulators and their broker-dealers. But no compliance program can eliminate risk.  Our Cyber Risk Management as a Service offering gives you actionable insight on how to prioritize the elements of your cybersecurity program.

Make Cyber Risk Actionable

Cybersecurity compliance alone creates a checklist of items to address, but does not help you prioritize where to invest the most effort and resources to protect your business.   Our service shows you helps you prioritize and measure results.

  • Analyze Risks

Understand exactly how different risks would impact your firm financially to prioritize spending, training time, and hedging strategies.

  • Measure Risk Reduction

Measure the impact of your compliance program.