Cyber Security Information Audit

Do you spend money on cybersecurity that doesn’t add up?

  • Piecemeal, reactive responses to specific threats that don’t add up to a complete solution?
  • Tools and processes that promise security but interrupt workflow?
  • Externally mandated controls that cost too much and don’t demonstrate their value?

If so, the Foresight Information Audit offers a better solution.  By properly aligning your cybersecurity needs with your business we can help you do the following:

  • Identify the specific assets you need to protect and explain in plain language how to do it.
  • Improve both your cybersecurity posture and the overall resilience of your business by focusing on people and process over technology.
  • Measure the value of your cybersecurity spend to ensure it is providing an appropriate return.
  • Integrate your cybersecurity requirements into a larger risk management framework so that it becomes a routine and sustainable function.

After the Information Audit, Foresight continues to help you implement your organization’s plan with a Continued Monitoring and Updating service. This will allow you to see the impact of your efforts by measuring your improvements in information security practices.  Moreover, our support will point you on the path to continued advances in the maturity of your cybersecurity posture.  At the heart of the service is an updated data visualization that will increase your capacity to respond to cybersecurity risks by helping you prioritize them rationally.