What We Do

Cyber Risk Quantification “Quick Start” Program

Foresight’s Cyber Risk Quantification “Quick Start” program is designed to give your organization quick wins in increased cyber resilience while building a strong foundation for a sustainable risk quantification program.

Cyber Risk Management for Newly Public Companies

Our Cyber Risk Management as a Service offering gives management and directors actionable insights of information risk in financial terms to support  disclosures, response planning, and the prioritization of mitigations.

Cyber Risk Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions

Add comprehensive cybersecurity to your M & A due diligence checklist and quantify the information risk to avoid costly surprises and protect your investment. Identify the frequency and magnitude of potential loss events prior to closing

Our mission is to empower organizations in their efforts to increase their cyber resilience by helping them quantify their information risk in the same business terms they use to measure their overall effectiveness. These terms are often financial, but may also include other business and outcome measures related to mission and goals.  By applying common business measures to information risk, our clients are able to better prioritize their efforts, allocate their resources, and maintain internal alignment with their primary objectives.