Is Your Cyber Strategy Working?

Are you doing too little? Are you doing too much? How would you know?

Measure your cyber risk in financial terms for business' sake

Companies without a cyber risk management program either over-react to threats, implementing costly controls that waste resources and hurt productivity, or under-react, making themselves vulnerable to costly incidents and to accusations of negligence or incompetence.

We help clients increase their cyber resilience cost-effectively by assessing their risk in financial terms.

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Tailored to Your Needs

Our assessments produce actionable insight quickly and economically, scoped to fit your immediate and longer term objectives:

Our Rapid Risk Assessment provides a current snapshot of value at risk (VaR) in the form of a one-time report. Such a report is suitable for initiating a cyber risk management program, prioritizing mitigations and hedging (insurance) strategies, evaluating your cyber budget, or identifying material risks for cyber due diligence or disclosures.

Our ongoing Cyber Risk Management subscription service supports you with a dedicated risk analyst, online analytics with customized reports, on-demand risk advisory service, and executive and board training.

Listen to our Co-founder and Practice Manager, William Kasper, discussing Foresight’s unique approach to addressing the needs of smaller companies.

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Let us help you quantify your cyber risk in dollars so you can manage it efficiently and effectively​


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